Music video Jearrat máttaráhkus – Ask the foremothers out now

Photo Marja Viitahuhta

First single from Ánnámáret´s newest production Nieguid duovdagat – Imaginary landscapes is now out. Song is called Jearrat máttaráhkus – Ask the foremothers and the yoik part is composed by Ánnámáret. Programming is made by Turkka Inkilä and finnish bowed lyre, jouhikko part is by Ilkka Heinonen. The music video for the song is made by Marja Viitahuhta.

Nieguid duovdagat – Imaginary landscapes concert is a combination of something new and something old with ancient and modern musical elements. It combines ancient sounds of yoik and jouhikko to electronical music and modern video art. The work explores if it possible to revitalize culture and why it is so important to do that in this time.

Now released music video is the first release from the upcoming music album. The video works of the concert will also be released with the music.

Nieguid duovdagat artists:

Ánnámáret is a sami musician, teacher and clarinetist Anna Näkkäläjärvi-Länsman from Utsjoki. She has released two solo albulms with Ánnámáret Ensemble: Beallječiŋat (2011) and Gollehelmmot(2016). She has performed as a vocalist in a variety of sami music productions.

Ilkka Heinonenis a folk musician and composer playing jouhikko, G-violone and double bass. In addition to ensembles that have been influenced by the folk music cultures of Europe, Heinonen has worked as a soloist as well as in orchestras in both contemporary music and early music concerts and projects.

Turkka Inkilä is a musician and composer involved with various genres of music. With his band Tölöläb, he has pursued to create electro-acoustic music that breaks the conventions of music scenes, blending the unpredictability of contemporary music, the pursuit of sincere beauty and the bodily experience of electronic dance music. He is currently studying under the guidance of his teacher, Gunnar Jinmei Linder, the repertoire of the japanese Kinko School of playing the Shakuhachi, and is active in the ranks of Helsinki-based Eloa ry as a composer, arranger and flutist.

Marja Viitahuhtais a Helsinki-based media artist and filmmaker. Her works range from films, performances and installations to photography and collage. Her works have been shown world-widely and awarded at the Cannes Film Festival, as well as the Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Mediawave and L’Alternativa. Her early film 99 Years of My Life is also in the collections of both MoMA and Kiasma Contemporary Museum of Art. Her work often speaks in an intimate and personal tone and deals with such recurring themes as mortality in relation to existence, the perceptions and experiences of female protagonists and the relation between text and imagery.