Review of Ánnámáret Ensemble´s Gollehelmmot album in the Global Music Weltmusik-Magazin

Ánnámáret Ensemble´s Gollehelmmot albmum was reviewed by the online world music magazine Global Music Weltmusik-Magazin in February. The magazine valued the album really high and especially good points were given to the compositions of the ensemble´s songs.

Here are some line-ups from the review:

”Gollehelmmot is music for accurate listening and music for pure enjoyment as well. “

”Gollehelmmot” is undoubtedly one of the best folk albums of last year.”

Global Music” (formerly “Weltmusik-Magazin”) is an independent German online music magazine, nearly without any stylistic and regional restrictions. Online magazines goal is to provide an undogmatic view to the international music scene.

Read the whole review from here (in German).