Sálbma in Rotorua Indigenous Film Festival

The music video for Ánnámáret Ensembles song Sálbma is screened in the Rotorua Indigenous Film Festival in New Zealand on November 3th in the special Skábmagovat short film programme. Rotorua Indigenous Film Festival brings together the year’s best indigenous films from around the globe for an intense three-day festival. Screenings are focused on excellence in indigenous filmmaking.

Sálbma music video is directed by Katja Gauriloff and the music is composed by Ánnámáret, Anna Näkkäläjärvi-Länsman. The lyrics of the song, written by Ánnámáret as well, tell about the situation of the Sámi people in the pressure of the colonial laws.

The music video for Sálbma serves as a reminder to all of the diverse Sámi peoples to find ways to honour our heritage, cherish our connections, and preserve our shared identity. Together, the Sámi will always be stronger than those who try to erase us.

Link to the Rotorua Indigenous Film Festival here.